The Blade of the Raven Queen

Ancient Ruins Part II and a Looming TPK.

After having paused briefly on the beach the consensus is to move to the south end of the beach and to enter at the door just visible down there. On the way they pass the beach side winch house and when Aldonis “the Grey” checks it out he finds that it’s empty and that the western wall is trapped. He manages to avoid most of the falling debris as the wall collapses inwards.

Passing some boulders they quickly ready themselves before the door, noticing that it has the same sort of architectural features that the rest of these ruins have; Seemingly Dwarven made but melted and runny as though butter left out in the sun for too long.

Jurgen boots the door open.

The startled Humans within just stare in shock as violence erupts around them. Sascha quickly cuts off the one door out, shoving the thug in front of it onto the large table that dominates the center of the room. In her rage she still manages to try and prevent any runners from alerting the complex. Jurgen’s new sweep and smash fighting style keeps his foes prone most of the battle and it quickly becomes an Iron Raven victory.

Moving on they enter a hallway with one door on the immediate left and one on the immediate right. The hall continues after a 45 degree bend to the right and has another door at the end as the hall takes a sharp left turn. Aldonis checks the door to the right, he hears nothing but as he turns to tell the others the door opens and a bandit starts to come out. Once again, surprise is on their side as two of the three bandits within are quickly cut down. The third desperately tries to shove his way past Sascha Øksdóttir to escape but is cut down viciously by all the people he twists by.

Following their earlier ‘success’ Jurgen requests that Aldonis check the door on the left. The young rogue quickly learns that the door is Magically trapped and with the help of lucius disables it. Lucius also points out that the door has been Arcane Locked. It makes the door next to impossible to open using thief tools.

On the corpse of the earlier runner they find a stone mallet, and it’s quickly surmised that it might be used to knock on the door across the hall. Knocking they have Eevi ready to bluff their way in. Surprisingly a voice answers and Eevi is able to convince the person on the other side that a message is to be delivered to the occupants within. After a brief hesitation the door is opened and Jurgen shoves his way inside, bowling over a dark skinned, bald man in servant’s robes. The servant is quickly subdued.

The room within is a small foyer of some kind with a door to the north, the air is much less foul, fresh even, compared to the rest of the complex thus far. A faint breeze seems to cycle through and the dank foul air from without can’t seem to make its way in. There is a desk covered in papers and alchemical equipment and a bookshelf to the south. Questions are put to the servant who immediately rattles something back in Stygian to Eevi’s surprise. When she switches to Stygian to ask him questions his gaze sharpens and the servant realizes that Eevi is Stygian and of Noble Blood. His attitude towards her changes, becoming formal and polite though still unhelpful. He ignores the rest of the party and when Aldonis speaks “Set’s Godless Tongue” the servant merely calls him a savage with better taste.

The door to the north proves to be much like the first, trapped magically and Locked through the Arcane. The desk has scraps of paper, some formulas for spell research, notes on celestial patterns. The bookshelf has more about the heavens and stars, divination magics and several weird volumes with twisting alien runes that give the reader slow building headaches.

While most of the party is within the foyer interrogating or searching, Sascha and Aldonis guard the hall, keeping an eye out for danger.

Danger finds them in the form of two guards coming around the corner to the north. Both move to engage, not knowing there are 4 others nearby. As the fight escalates in the hall, those in the foyer argue about the next course of action. Threats are made to the Stygian servant but he quietly states that he would “rather die”. Someone attempts to knock him out but only succeed in giving him a nasty bruise before Lucius smacks him down.

The fight in the hall continues.

Lucius takes the Servants hand and attempts to use it to twist the door handle. The door doesn’t open but the magical glyph activates and a loud barking sound fills the room. Sigfrith is bit by something invisible and is almost knocked unconscious. Thinking quickly Lucius realizes that it is a magical guardian and urges everyone out as quickly as possible. A few try to target whatever the creature is but nothing succeeds. Whatever it is does not follow them into the hall.

The hall fight sours quickly for the two guards. One breaks and runs down the hall to the left as his friend is cut down. Aldonis chases him down the hall, firing arrows at every opportunity. Tired of taking feathered shafts in the back the guard ducks into a door and breaks line of sight. Aldonis cunningly closes the gap entering behind him into what appears to be natural tunnels, most and damp. The guard is briefly seen rounding a corner and then sharp, horrible screams are heard coming from the darkness.

Aldonis backs out quietly and closes the door as Sascha arrives. He simply gives her a “don’t go in there” look.

The group chooses to go through the north door at the end of the first bit of hall. They find an empty mess hall, followed by a storage room and then a guardroom with four guards within. Once again Sascha rages and the fight is on. One of the four guards breaks for a door and manages to slip out. Jurgen follows but is immediately foiled by a falling net trap. He hears the guard cry for help and the rough voice that follows;

Get back in there and Die

The guard rushes back and is felled. Jurgen frees himself from the net with a growl.

The group pushes on into the next room beyond, it’s another meeting style room with a large table and at one end maps and notes scattered about as though someone had just been reading them. But no one is there.

Double doors to the left (West) and two doors to the right (East). One of the doors to the east is open and through the opening Jurgen can see it leads to the beach. Eevi opens the double doors and finds a large, wide hallway heading off into the darkness. She also manages to avoid a couple of arrows being fired from arrow slits in the walls. Eevi closes the double doors.

Going to the open east door Jurgen looks through with his shield up to see 4 guards pouring from another building further north on the beach. Closing the door he looks around and urges everyone to get ready. The alarm has been raised.

Keeping behind his shield Jurgen opens the door to find a dozen or more guards out there, and a hail of arrows smashes into his darkwood shield. Smashing the arrows off with his hammer he barks a taunt to the enemy.

What follows is a fast chaotic melee with Eevi’s shatter spells killing small knots of bandits and forcing the others to scatter coming at the group from all directions. Even as the fight seems to swing in favour of the Iron Ravens a red headed woman emerges sporting spear and feather crested helm. She and Sascha battle it out before a Dissonant Whisper forces her to retreat, in a rage, Sascha follows only to fall victim to an Illusion covered pit, falling 10ft before plunging into water that is another 10ft deep. Spluttering she looks about for a way out only to feel the swarming fish within start to take chunks out of her flesh.

Sigfrith and Lucius are sparring with a tough guard, with the occasional arrow coming from Aldonis when exploding onto the beach from the waters comes the water devil they had encountered before. Lucius goes down in a flurry of claws.

Jurgen, seeing this, hurries over and heals Lucius with his Lay on Hands ability (1hp) and groggily Lucius is Inspired with a ‘Plan b’. When next the beast attacks he flings his Philter of Love into its gaping maw. Instinct forces those deadly jaws together and as the potion takes effect it shakes its head before settling its gaze on Jurgen.

Things are looking Grim.



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