The Blade of the Raven Queen

Cauldron's Basement Reclaimed.

Resurfacing, the group drops off the citizens they had saved with The captain of the Guard Terseon Skellerang, many thanks are given as those saved are reunited with loved ones, or just glad to be on the surface again and not in the clutches of a slaving Bugbear Soldier.

The children are returned to the Lantern Street Orphanage and again thanks are profusely given. They find that Terrem was returned earlier in the dark of the morning by a woman dressed in red robes and a black veil. Questions posed reveal that Terrem thought she smelled like trees.

At the Church of Athena, Jenya Urikas congratulates the party and takes the body of lucius. Calling in a favour with The Cathedral of Hades she has him raised from the dead.

A chest full of silver, 16 5lbs bars and 1000 coins. (5000sp total), is given as a reward from the church. Jenya also promises to get the group an audience with the Lord Mayor Severan Navalant on the following day.

The group arrives as the Mayor is finishing a discussion with an Armoured Dwarf. They overhear that Tahn Buhldir is being reclaimed by the Dwarves, with permission from the City of Cauldron. Jurgen Frostbeard introduces himself and learns that Argyle Ulfhræfn is to be the new Commander of the Malachite Hold.

Congratulations are given, a feast prepared. They learn that The Storm Blades managed to find the vandals and at it’s heart defeat a Hobgoblin Vampire controlling it all.

At the feast it is announced that they are officially forming a group. The name chosen is The Iron Ravens.

A reward is brought forward, 15000sp, to be held at the Bank in cauldron. Máti Vhalantru is asked to find them a residence.

During the Next month of downtime the members of TIR pursue their own activities.

  • Aldonis “the Grey”
    • Spreads his new found wealth amongst the poor of Ash Avenue, gaining renown.
  • Eevi Ptolomy
    • Recruits Sascha to work the common people of cauldron and counteract rumours sown to their detriment. She also starts up a small investigative business with Sigfrith. It does poorly in it’s first month.
  • Elrik Bjornsson
    • Started spending money and carousing as soon as the captives had been released. His Drinking and Gambling reach epic proportions, his name in every tavern as he makes money and finds himself with 8 yards of fine Khitan Silk.
  • Jurgen Frostbeard
    • Works with the dwarves to resize Kazmojen’s armour and guides Argyle into Tahn Buhldir and the Malachite Hold, gaining Renown among the new dwarves.
      - time 50 days, cost 500 gp -
  • lucius
  • Sascha Øksdóttir
    • Performs at various establishments and simply enjoys the rewards of the groups success.
  • Sigfrith Bakkerson
    • Buys himself a 1 year subscription to the Academy for his research and works part time for Eevi.

At the end of the 30 days downtime, on the 15th day of Édorum (i970) the group find Ruphus at their residence in the pre dawn hours, wet from the light rains, urgently requesting their presence at the Temple of Athena. Something terrible is afoot…



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