The Blade of the Raven Queen


Damn those pretty, pretty elves ...

(Almost a full group, only Missing Elrik who is being NPC’d)

The group takes a short rest in the Illusory forest and find that a short hour there is the equivalent of 8 hours rest.

A kitchen is found, the ancient cabinet clatters noisily as it falls apart from being looked at and then the pantry, empty save for several barrels of preserved Vinegar.

They move north and find a chest in the middle of the next room with a silver cage upon it, trapped within the cage is a seemingly very intelligent rat that attempts to have the party open it’s locked door.

As they approach the chest lid splits open revealing sharp, jagged teeth and a low rumbling voice that Jurgen and Eevi can understand, albeit with difficulty as it speaks Undercommmon.

It politely asks that Sigfrith cancel his Detect Magic Ritual.

Sigfrith is shocked enough to do just that.

Speaking with Eevi, as Jurgen grumbles about it, it agrees to exchange the Rat in a Cage for a week’s worth of rations. Pseudo-pods place the cage on the ground even as others sweep the foodstuff up and into it.

The chest proceeds to slowly back away and out. No one questions it beyond asking if it has seen children come through this way recently. It answers that yes, it has seen smaller less developed humanoids, that they went through the door to the north in this room and then it steps out of the room and is gone.

Opening the door leads to a hallway with another door 10ft to the north. As they approach Eevi hears the Elvish Language “Quick jam the Door!” and the sound of spikes being hammered into the wood of the gear door.

Jurgen attempts to ascertain if these are friend or foe, not receiving any kind of acknowledgement a battle breaks out and soon 4 Figures in Black Half-Plate are down. During the battle a Dispel Magic was flung at Eevi and though she is unaffected the rat within the cage is not as suddenly Lucius, The mage they met the first day the temple gathered them, tumbles to the ground cursing and swearing.

“I told you to open the cage!”

They are Elves! Though Milky of skin and Hair with Amber eyes.

Searching them and the room they find that the room is in fact an elevator.

Heading down into the Malachite Hold they find the secret room that holds the level for elevator down here, a Hall with two cages hanging from the ceiling with nothing in them but old torn cloth and a door to the south.

Jurgen opens it and is greeted by words roared in a language no one understands (Giant), as an ogre sized humanoid attacks. During the fight Sigfrith triggers a wild magic surge and everyone suddenly finds pointy piercing things to be far more threatening. Aldonus takes the creature out with a well placed Arrow.



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