The Blade of the Raven Queen

Pushing the Envelope.

three and a half days since the abducted children

Searching the Great Factory they find some of the items left by the Grells former victims.They manage to open the Classroom and the Weaver’s workshop finding some remnant magics that animates the spinning wheels and some old Dwarven formulas for Automatons, Engineering and crafting.

They go through the arched double doors into the Foyer. Open a sleeping quarters and eventually manage to open the lever room they found when they first arrived. Manipulating the lever allows Eevi to detect that the sounds are coming from the south wall. Searching reveals a secret door and a Pit Trap that the lever secures when the lever is down.

At the far end of the 40ft hallway they manage to find another secret door which leads to the Dwarven Masks room at the base of the entry stairs. Retreating back the way they came they dismantle the eastern barrier in the Great factory and find a Forge to the north.

Eevi finds one of the Keys to the many Gear doors in a Barrel of scummy water by the entrance.

Coming down south they re-enter the room where they fought the shadows and check out a new room, the Jeweler’s workshop where Elrik finds another of the strange rod keys.

Moving further south they re-renter the room where they fought the automaton that came out of an invisibility sphere. Searching it Sascha discovers a Blue Spinel ‘heart’ and another of the strange key rods that seems to have been jammed into the gears of the machine.

Next comes the Room covered in a Hallucinatory Terrain illusion. Some believe it to be real “Obviously fine Dwarven Engineering at it’s best!” while others manage to see through it fairly quickly.

The dining hall comes next, some of it’s ancient wooden furniture is turned into additional torches. The bathroom holds a surprise for Jurgen as he approaches the 10×20ft bathing pool with his shield above his head to protect from the webs above only to have a Giant Spider leap from the illusory water below him. Two smaller spiders join but all three are quickly dispatched.

In what appears to have been a Kenku loot room they find a pile of armour and the corpse of a carrion crawler. Jurgen disturbs the remains and discovers 2 chests hidden within it.

They then open the latrine, another sleeping quarters and then pause, wondering if they should push on or return to the surface for a rest.



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