The Blade of the Raven Queen

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

Opening the door before them they enter a large chamber that has some rubble and two lava tubes branching at the other end. Jurgen takes the lead going left and stops before entering the next lava hewn chamber. There is a pile of bodies at the center of it. Wary Jurgen hefts his shield and moves forward, Sascha at his back.

The bodies animate and the battle starts.

Bottle necking the entrance Sascha and Jurgen take the brunt of the first wave, zombies mindlessly shuffling forwards, pushing and grabbing. The fight is slow as the risen, despite horrific ‘wounds’, hold their ground and even shove the group slowly backwards.

Magic flashes from the back ranks as Eevi, Sigfrith and Lucius rain down magical hell on the enemy. Aldonis sits back, at the original fork, keeping an eye open for movement in the right hand lava tube.

His keen eyes spot movement further ahead in a large pile of rubble and immediately he presses himself tightly to the wall thinking Crap, Snakes. A good many snakes pour forth, coalescing into 3 swarms, testing the air with their long viperous tongues.

As the zombies continue to stonewall the group the snakes come around the corner and, unfortunately for the young rogue, their heat sense (Blindsight) detects him. He is attacked, suffering numerous bites and the sickening fire of poison through his veins.

Disengaging Aldonis runs towards the group and then dashes through them yelling Snakes! Snakes!

One swarm follows but breaks off pursuit when it reaches the target rich environment that is the rest of the group. Jurgen breaks off from the zombies, shrugging off an attack of opportunity to engage the snakes at the back. Sascha gets bit critically and despite her Barbaric constitution, staggers.

Primal instinct kicks in and she welcomes the exhilaration of her rage taking over.

Elrik places himself at the front of the zombie line and swings the mace he took from Sarcem’s body at the Lucky monkey inn. The holy mace flashes with radiant energy with every strike and the zombies are unable to resist it’s power, falling broken at his feet.

Jurgen tackles one swarm group and positions himself to attract the third. He chuckles and mutters that ’It’s just like me mudder’s milk’ when they bite and envenom him. His strong dwarven constitution shrugging off the worst of it.

Sascha grabs several of the biggest snakes in her group and drags them off away from the casters. Taking several bites that she barely feels in her rage.

Elrik finishes off the last of the zombies.

The group move towards the entrance they came through, trying to avoid the snakes reach. Jurgen’s smile has become strained, sweat beading on his brow as even his Dwarven bred stamina is tested hard with the sheer volume of poison coursing through him.

Sascha kills off most of the snakes in front of her, the rest scatter, the swarm mind broken as she runs back towards the group, throwing herself into the other two.

Bit by bit the group gets a hold of the situation and breaks the remaining swarms. Gasping, hurt, they stop for a short rest to bandage and take stock.

Deciding they will move on they move further down the left hand tunnel, passing through the room with the freshly downed zombies and follow the tunnel as it curves to the right. It opens into another large natural cavern, this one filled with Huge snakes. The coils move slowly, bunched together for warmth.

A plan is hatched to simply move in and out of the tunnel leading up to this room as the snakes are far too large to squeeze through the 5’ wide tunnel. The first arrow is launched but the flank of the closest Giant Constrictor barely ripples in annoyance. From within the coils smaller ‘Large’ snakes appear, constrictors that move to engage. The larger masses uncoil and slither out through an exit unseen while two of the three smaller constrictors coil up against the walls to the left and right, making it harder to see them. One constrictor braves the tunnel trying to sink it’s fangs into the nearest meat but is quickly felled by held actions as spells and arrows go off.

Jurgen gives Aldonis a wink and says “C’mon Aldie. Show a little backbone why don’t ya?” before he plunges into the room intending to make a breach for the others to pour through. The two constrictors are killed quickly and as Jurgen lets the momentum carry him around the corner he is struck with lightning speed by one of the Big ones. It wraps itself around him tight, coils squeezing, even as it uses the rest of it’s long body to slide him backwards, further from the group.

Sascha rounds the corner and gracefully dodges a snake strike, the Greataxe in her hand gleaming in the illumination of the light spell cast on her.

A pitched battle is fought and won within this larger cavern, at it’s center and further back against the wall is a long black sarcophagus. The wall of igneous stone at the back is embedded with thousands of red coloured slivers of glass, the light of the group is thrown back at them and seems to light this place on fire.

A quick inspection of the sarcophagus reveals hinges and strange runic glyphs.

Fearlessly Jurgen forces it open.

Within lies the desiccated corpse of some long dead humanoid and in mere seconds green worm like tendrils begin to ooze from every orifice and rent hole in it’s body as it rises.

It flings a worm at Lucius who avoids it and suffers a stunning series of blows and magical blasts that blow it right back into the pit it rose from. It does not rise again as the green worms wither and die.

Pulling the body from the sarcophagus, the cavity is searched and a chest is found. Jurgen kicks it over spilling it’s contents. 15 000cp, 8 000sp, 4 500gp and 200pp spill, gleaming across the cavern floor.

The gold and platinum is quickly divvied up, the silver is placed back in the chest and the copper is left to lie on the floor, glittering dully in the magical light.



“C’mon Aldie. Show a little backbone why don’t ya?”


Downtime: Help with the festivities. Meet ye Druid for chatting, learning, training, etc. Feed the poor (Goodberries) and help them get on their feet, to learn a trade so they can start supporting themselves.


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