The Blade of the Raven Queen

The Well

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Following up on some tasks that lucius‘s patron M├íti Vhalantru has given him, the The Iron Ravens decide to tackle the reported disappearances of the slaves on the eastern slope plantations. The voyage there is uneventful, it’s simply a matter of traveling down 2-3 hours to Kingfisher Hollow.

In Kingfisher they meet Elder Nimo who briefs them on the odd disappearances that have occurred and sends them off to meet Overseer Harn.

  • They are introduced to the slave headman Babs, and he provides what information he can.
  • Settling in at the plantation Sascha quickly makes a scan of the surrounding area and with some help from the others narrows down most of the activity to the well in the center of the compound.
  • Dropping a rock with a Light cantrip cast on it Lucius and the others can determine that the well is approximately 60ft deep to water, but the shaft only goes down 50ft leaving the rest to a natural underground cistern cave.
  • Jurgen takes a few minutes to examine the well after Aldonis" comments that it isn’t shaped in the typical Ophirean style. He determines that it was originally a natural sink hole. It has a low wall surrounding the hole and two wooden pillars with a rope and bucket attached to a wooden crossbeam.
  • Lucius casts Spider Climb and disappears down the well. Quickly followed by the rest of the group as they use both the well rope and a newly tied off section of 50ft silk rope.

Within the well they find themselves in waist deep water and find movement difficult. The well bottom is covered in green algae and moss slime making any quick movements difficult and dangerous.

Spreading out they begin to explore the cave system. Heading North and West they see blood in the water. As the group rushes off to see what may have caused it, Sascha who was the last to climb down, is attacked from beneath the water. She is bitten and venom burns in her veins.

  • Sascha Rages but is not attacked again. Her rage ends the following round.
  • The group returns to see what happened though before returning Jurgen and Lucius see that the blood in the water is from numerous small blind fish, floating by quite dead.
  • More cat and mouse games follow, as those in a vulnerable position get attacked from something swimming in the water. At first it’s thought that it might be a snake, then a giant snake.
  • Jurgen is attacked and fed up with the whole thing lunges to get a grip on the creature. He pulls it partly from the water as large snake coils thrash in the water and sees that the creature has a humanoid face with distended jaws and razor sharp teeth.
  • Grumbling to himself he begins to pull it towards the party. Resisting it’s Suggestion to let it go. All the while calling to the others and warning them of it’s strange features.
  • Once at the group it’s thrashing stops momentarily as vile words of magic hiss forth
  • Lucius tries to counterspell but the spell is too strong and a fork of lightning strikes out, burning a path through 4 members of the group. Aldonis is shocked senseless and falls into the water.
  • Maintaining his hold Jurgen Heals himself with a Lay of Hands
  • The creature fails to escape his grasp.
  • Aldonis sinks beneath the water and as he breathes it into his lungs survival drives him back to the surface sputtering and coughing it out. (Nat 20 Death Save)
  • The creature is hacked and crushed to death. It’s head is chopped off and both parts are brought back to the well rope to be tied there.
  • Traveling deeper into the cave system they find a path blocked off by a natural rock fall, backtrack and approach the eastern end. The water here pulls a little harder at their feet and they become aware of a rushing/roaring sound low and rumbling before they enter a large cave that has a whirlpool. Across from the where they are they can see two exits. One glows as though torchlight were within it and the other is dark.
  • Carefully swimming the group moves into the rushing waters, sticking to the edges of the cave to help prevent being sucked into the whirling center. Elrik elects to stay behind, his sailing experience warning him not to enter with his heavy chainmail.
  • Jurgen, relying on the buoyant properties of his Darkwood Shield, follows Aldonis and Lucius towards the lit cavern.
  • Within they see that all is covered in moss and that the light comes from the hanging tendrils within. In the far corner something seems to gleam in a pile of rocks and moss.
  • The tendrils seem to dim when first entered but as Aldonis quickly moves in and ducks to the side they glow brighter and reach out to grab him, missing. The moss in the corner rises up into a vaguely humanoid shape and begins to shamble towards them.
  • Lucius sends a Firebolt towards the grasping vines and singes it. He is quickly grabbed and crushed within it’s grip. He feels himself drained of energy as the touch of the ceiling plants Exhaust him.
  • Taking his potion of Gaseous form he slips from it’s grip as Aldonis makes a hasty retreat.
  • Jurgen enters only far enough to take a protective position in front of the Rogue

(End part 1)



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