The Blade of the Raven Queen


Well Mostly Victory.

Continued from the previous week.

Jurgen uses up the rest of his Lay on Hands healing to revive himself as he moves to protect Lucius. The Lake Monster blinks and suddenly sees Jurgen as a friend and begins to move around him to attack the rest of the party.

In the pit, Sascha struggles against the swarm of Quippers as she tries to find handholds to climb. The Spear Wielding villain takes a moment to mock her as she frantically tries to prevent the ravenous fishes from tearing at her flesh. Her rage numbs her to the pain.

The veteran that gathered the guards and thugs directs the last few archers to fire at the group, exhorting his underlings to ignore the lake monster to mixed success. His underlings on the other hand fire haphazardly targeting both the creature and the group closest to them.

Aldonis maintains his distance, arrows flying from his bow with deadly intent. Lucius groggily gets to his feet while edging away from the monster, his actions sluggish as though slowed. Eevi continues to encourage the group as Sigfrith slaps any foe within range with Chill Touch.

The Spear of Ares emerges from the building and surveys the battlefield. The tide of combat has been going back and forth and now seems to be at a tipping point.

Jurgen waves his arms about to get the monsters attention and feels a slithering voice intrude upon his thoughts “What issss it you want from meee?” Jurgen manages to convince it to attack the enemy archers first even as the creature tells him bluntly that his friends will come after. With a roar it charges the closest one and lays into it with claws and fangs killing him near instantly.

Sascha climbs from the pit, blood streaming from many bites. She gathers herself to charge and is intercepted by the Veteran guard.

Jurgen calls for a retreat while the enemy is engaged with the monster, Lucius takes it to heart and makes for the far beach.

No one else seems to have heard, or at least have decided to ignore it. Jurgen finds himself charged by the spear wielding boss and is hard pressed to defend against the wicked point of her attacks. She dances around his attacks, avoiding his knockdowns while landing solid hits of her own.

Sascha and the veteran struggle briefly as she grapples him, but soon her raging advantage forces him back and she successfully throws him into the pit she came out of. His screams soon come fast ad frequent as he finds himself struggling against the quippers hunger for blood. Sascha charges into the fray with the enemy leader while Eevi Viciously Mocks her successfully.

The lake monster finishes off the last of the archers and moves to support its friend Jurgen but before it can engage it is dispatched with a brutal Divinely Inspired, Spear thrust.

Surrounded, wounded and finally knocked on her ass, the Spear Wielding Corinthian decides that retreat is in order. She picks herself up, disengages and begins to make a fighting retreat towards the ruins. Her progress is hampered by Jurgens sweep and smash tactic as she finds herself unable to devote her full attention to him. Frustrated she touches Jurgen with an Inflict Wounds and drops the Dwarf. She then simply runs, risking the attacks of opportunity, trusting in her armour and shield to protect her.

She makes it into the ruins and out of sight. Dashing Aldonis follows her in, catching her as she tries to make for a door 20ft further in. A well placed arrow causes her to stumble and finally collapse.

That’s when Aldonis notices the dark skinned man in the carmine robes giving him the evil eye. Aldonis uses the rest of his movement to GTFO.

Everyone regroups, the expected wizard attack doesn’t materialize as they make a break for the waters. They make it to the beach where Lucius has been waiting for them, combing the sands through the blood and gore that must have been the former creatures lair.


Elrik awakens in the Drunken Centaur inn. He remembers little from his 30+ day bender but he sees that there is a roll of silk behind him, drinks on the table and serving girls sleeping in heaps near the table. Groggily he makes his way to the temple of Athena, wondering what has happened to his companions. There he is ushered in to meet Jenya as she confers with Shensen and two elves, Fario and Eldarin. Jenya uses the Holy Spear of Athena to Divine the general whereabouts of the group and then uses Locate Object several times to pinpoint the Athenian Badges she had given them when they first worked for the church.

The two elves and the druid agree to take Elrik with them as they go to backup the group. They find the lava tube, descend it and find the winch house on the ledge with the prisoner. After a few questions and answers from the repentant thug Elrik lets him go, thinking to himself “What would Jurgen NOT do”.

They quickly find the PC’s on the beach and with the use of Pitons and ropes get everyone back up to the ledge. Shensen delivers a pair of Boots of Striding and Springing as thanks from her superior and after assuring herself that all is well, informs the party that she and the Elves are going to go back out and track the path that they had used on the way here.

The group takes a long rest, maintaining a watch to make sure nothing surprises them from the ruins.

Rested, they make their way back down and approach the wizards quarters before re-entering the ruins. Eevi negotiates with him and due to her Noble Stygian background he treats with her politely and with deep respect. A deal is struck, silver for wands and within the hour the servant comes and delivers a bag with several within.

Needing to get at least 6 of the 8 missing wands they begin searching Room by room, finding traps and little else till Aldonis finds the secret door leading to the archers that had fired on Eevi the day before in the long hall. Those bandits are quickly subdued and one is taken alive. Questioned he brings them to Sisava’s front door and then runs happily away to freedom.


I might not be able to make it, or would be late. In the midts of moving… back to Cochrane… again.


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