The Blade of the Raven Queen

Zee'Niht Shpehntrahshad

  • Find
    • The Kuo-Toa guard isn’t as formidable as they thought he was.
    • Zenith in a room full of hanging twitching undead on a throne of made of skins.
    • Lucius FIreballs the hanging undead and sparks the battle after Jurgen attempts to reason with a clearly insane Dwarf.
    • Zenith goes into a ‘Defensive Stance’ as Shadow Mastiffs appear, he boosts their abilities. Jurgen feels the pain.
    • Zenith is defeated and falling to his knees, his black helm comes off. He stares at his hands and whispers his final words “What have I done?
    • Aldonis shoots an Arrow at the Helm and combat is continued as the creature that was possessing Zenith materials from it.
    • After a dangerous fight Aldonis crits it and Elrik drops it.
    • Zenith is catatonic and won’t respond to words but can be guided and is quite docile so the group take him to return him to his Father.
    • They make it almost all the way to Kingfisher hollow and are beset by another sound of swine. This group of boars does not drop Jurgen as expected.
    • Aldonis is attacked by a hybrid man boar who threatens him and Sigfrith with a thumb across the throat and a silently mouthed “Next time!” before it disappears into the jungle.
    • They meet Varric at Kingfisher Hollow and Aldonis is reunited with Bridge.
    • Back in cauldron they see crowds moving in the streets and much complaints about taxes being raised
    • Bring Zenith to Argyle who congratulates them and takes the Fallen Champion off their hands. They are rewarded.

We’ll see our heroes when next they gather.



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