Though the ancient, darkly magical empire of Acheron has long since vanished, it still sometimes makes its power felt, for its sorcerers do not always rest easy in their graves.
Three thousand years ago Acheron presided over present day Aquilonia, Nemedia and Argos but also ruled the nearby regions of Corinthia, Ophir and western Koth.

Aquilonia was most likely the site of Acheron’ s capital, Python, a mighty-walled city of colossal pylons and purple minarets, though the precise location of that sorcerous metropolis is unknown and its ruins have never been excavated. If they could be found, it is almost certain that long-forgotten artifacts of incredible power would be found among them, though the dangers faced by any would-be re-discoverers of Python would be extreme.

Some of the ancient Acheronians are alive still, especially in the mountainous regions of Nemedia, though they might also be found in any of the lands of what was once Acheron. They are highly secretive and are generally assumed to be no more than primitive hill villagers, though some still dream of rebuilding Acheron’ s glory once more.

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