Automatic Success with Raw Ability Checks

Sometimes the randomness of a d20 roll leads to ludicrous results. Let’s say a door requires a successful DC 15 Strength check to be battered down. A fighter with a Strength of 20 might helplessly flail against the door because of bad die rolls. Meanwhile, the rogue with a Strength of 10 rolls a 20 and knocks the door from its hinges.

All ability checks have an inherent threshold. Something that the character can do when exerting his normal efforts at completing that task. This number is 10 + the ability Modifier. For Ex. a Fighter with a Strength of 20 can succeed on Strength Checks with a DC of 15 or less without making a roll. (Most Locked Doors don’t stand a chance against him.) To achieve a higher result the fighter will exert himself. If the Door is DC 20 to kick in he needs to make a roll.

1 No change
2-3 +1
4-5 +2
6-7 +3
8-9 +4
10-11 +5
12-13 +6
14-15 +7
16-17 +8
18-19 +9
20 +10

If the character has Advantage on the ability check, they simply roll two dice and add the best result.

This rule doesn’t apply to saving throws, or attack rolls.

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Automatic Success with Raw Ability Checks

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