Cauldron History

The history of humanity in the region is sketchy at best, but most accounts agree that the famed wizard, and General, Sala Hadeen had an instrumental hand in founding the settlements of Redgorge and Cauldron. His connections with the city of White Sails allowed the area to flourish after he had made his mark on the countryside.

Unbeknownst to Sala Hadeen, demonic denizens had occupied the area to the west of Redgorge, and they had centered an area which is now known as “The Demonskar.” The Demonskar is a desolate crater of inexplicable enormity that is still today crawling with the denizens of the Abyss. No one knows how such a terrible pock on the material plane could have come to existence but some believe that it must have been the result of some catastrophic inter-planer disaster that occurred during a history that’s been long forgotten.

Sala Hadeen constructed huge walls, known as “The Basalt Bastions” around the western side of the village of Redgorge. He began a long war to rid the demons from the material plane. The demons however were strong and numerous and had been organized by a particularly ruthless demon named Nabthatoron. The demon general and his army cut a hellish swath of destruction across the western lands and was soon closing in on the village of Redgorge itself. All seemed lost to the mortals until one morning a celestial angel named Nidrama appeared to Sala and granted him a heavenly quarterstaff named Alakast. With the help of the staff he was able to drive Nabthatoron back, who fled with his demoralized army and returned to the Demonskar. Though the demons were never completely destroyed, they never fully recovered from the great wizard’s onslaught.

680 Years Ago: Discovery of numerous profitable mines in the region attracts hundreds of prospectors and adventurers. Redgorge quickly outgrows its walls. Sala Hadeen determines that the nearby volcano is extinct, and that its cauldron would make an excellent defense city. Many of Redgorges inhabitants relocate to this region – Cauldron is founded. Over the centuries, the discovery of many large underground complexes and caverns below the city draws the attention of dwarves and gnomes from far and wide. Two of these regions become Tahn Buhldir and the Malachite Fortress.

75 Years Ago: Tahn Buhldir falls to The Vanishing. The Dwarves pull back from the halls and relocate to the Malachite Fortress.

32 Years Ago: The rainiest winter in centuries results in massive flood damage to the lower reaches of Cauldron. The Flood Festival is founded the next year, and for the next several years the freakishly wet winters continue before the weather finally returns to normal.

7 Years Ago: A plague of filth fever strikes Cauldron. Several hundred die before the city’s clerics can get the plague under control.

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Cauldron History

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