Church of Athena

The Church of Athena is a two-story building with white marble walls suffused with veins of vivid blue. It stands in stark contrast to the buildings of bare black stone that flank it on the north end of Obsidian Avenue. A pair of white marble statues depicting the armored Goddess stand on either side of the temple’s heavy oaken doors. Each of the statues raises a Spear to the sky. Above the door’s marble architrave are boldly inscribed the following words: “SO LONG AS THERE IS JUSTICE, THERE IS HOPE.”

Since the church’s high priest Sarcem Delasharn is on an extended Sabbatical, the day-to-day tasks of tending to the church have fallen to Jenya Urikas. She has eight clerics and paladins serving within her jurisdiction, including the paladin Alek Tercival who helps guard the church and protect the city. While several clerics and paladins can always be found within the church resting, tending their wounds, or assisting citizens, most are out defending Cauldron or the outlying towns as part of the town guard.

The church holds public service every third day of the month at mid morning bell. General service runs 30 mins but on the first service of the month (the 3rd day) it is one hour as they celebrate Athena’s sacred day.

Notable Locations

Church of Athena

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