Characters know the language of their starting region, race and any additional language choices they may take.

Bonus languages may also be gained at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 to represent learning as the characters travel. The only caveat is that the bonus language be taken while spending a relatively large amount of time exposed to it.

Languages of the Regions

  • Aquilonian
    • Argossean, Brythunian, Corinthian, Kothic, Nemedian, Ophiriean,
  • Argossean
    • Aquilonian, Brythunian, Corinthian, Ophiriean, Zingaran
  • Blackblood
    • Orc, Goblin, Giant
  • Brythunian
    • Aquilonian, Nemedian
  • Cimmerian
  • Corinthian
    • Argossean, Aquilonian, Kothic, Ophiriean
  • Darfuri
  • Hyrkanian
  • Islani
    • Ophirean, Zamoran, Zingaran
  • Kosalan (Vendhya)
  • Kothic
    • Aquilonian, Corinthian, Nemedian
  • Black Coast (Kush)
  • Nemedian
    • Aquilonian, Brythunian, Kothic
  • Nordheimer
  • Ophirean
    • Argossean, Aquilonian, Corinthian
  • Pictish
  • Rus
  • Stygian
    • Acheronian, Old Stygian
  • Vendhyan
  • Zamorian
    • Islani, Zingaran
  • Zingaran
    • Islani Zamoran

Related Languages
Most of the regions have an entry for languages also have an entry for related languages. These languages are close enough in nature for those who speak the one to make themselves understood in the other. Any character who speaks any of the related languages can make himself understood in the main tongue of the region with disadvantage to all skill checks that would rely on language, including bluff, diplomacy, Insight and perform.

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