Missing Persons

Azmi Dresker (female human, age 19): A known prostitute who plied her trade at the Slippery Eel Tavern, she disappeared from her residence 81 nights ago. She and a coworker, Shellen Rycah, rented the house from an old woman named Matira Hathaway, who was asleep in the house that night and didn?t hear anything.

Callum Sunnyrush (male Halfling, age 37): He groomed horses and ponies for the Lathenmire noble family. He vanished from his room at a cozy local inn 69 nights ago.

Elethor Ashstaff (male elf, age 158): A wizard and trickster who occasionally performed minor feats of prestidigitation at birthday parties for upper-class children. A dead rat, possibly Elethor’s familiar was found in his home. He vanished 22 nights ago.

Jelluth Sirlana (female half-elf, age 33): A struggling shoemaker who inherited her father’s failing business, she vanished (along with her boyfriend, Lestor) 26 nights ago.

Jorl Seerkin (male gnome, age 72): A law clerk who worked for a local gnome barrister named Aeryk Gylbar, he disappeared from his home 83 nights ago.

Lestor Coldwater (male human, age 22): A trained scribe and struggling poet. He and his girlfriend, Jelluth, vanished from her home 26 nights ago.

Lorthan Ironfold (male dwarf, age 125): A skilled Cartwright. He and his wife Sondor, vanished from their home 35 nights ago.

Rikaldo Vesker (male human, age 34): His ransacked home contained blood droplets and blood-encrusted knives not surprising, since Rikaldo worked as a skinner. He disappeared 31 nights ago.

Shellen Rycah (female human, age 20): Another prostitute who frequented the Slippery Eel Tavern and shared a house with coworker Azmi Dresker and their landlord. Shellen disappeared 81 nights ago.

Szordra Callagher (female human, age 35): A self-proclaimed sage, she ran her own small bookstore. She was last seen 60 nights ago by her 18-year-old son Leagan, a mason’s apprentice.

Tembor Kalavan (male human, age 25): A local minstrel of some repute, he vanished 52 nights ago from his room in the Laughing Horse Inn.

Tiervan Wisport (male gnome, age 91): A local alchemist, Tiervan lived with two cats and ran a marginally successful business. He disappeared 88 nights ago.

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Missing Persons

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