Notable NPC's

Lysandros Delve Locksmith and Proprietor of Keygan’s Locks (Missing/Never Found)

Alek Tercival Paladin of Athena
Adrick Rumswell Proprietor of Rumswell Imports
Andromache Welvihk Proprietor of the Drunken Centaur Inn
Artus Shemwick cook at the Golden Hind Inn
Bolar Westkey Proprietor of Westkey’s Map Emporium
Bellkir Bellkir’s General Store
Embryl Reah High Priestess of Hades
Euripides Cleric of Heracles
Gretchyn Tashykk Headmistress of the Lantern Street Orphanage
Ike Iverson Cleric of Hades
Jason Corinthian Archivist at the Blue Water Academy
Jax Belious Proprietor of the Slippery Eel Tavern
Jenya Urikas Cleric of Athena
Killiken Deldor Maavu’s money changer
Kristof Jurgensen Cleric at the Shrine of Apollo
Máti Vhalantru Noble Lord
Maavu Wealthy and Popular Merchant
Omar Tiskinsen High Priest of Heracles
Patch Janitor at the Lantern Street Orphanage
Persephone Proprietor of the Cusp of the Sunrise club
Phalian Gurnezarn Gurnezarn’s Smithy
Pilok Minuta Proprietor of Minuta’s Board
Sarcem Delasharn High Priest of Athena
Severan Navalant Lord Mayor of Cauldron
Skie aldersun Propietor of Skie’s Treasuries
Skylar Krewis Private Rank Soldier in the Town Guard
Stefania Callas
Terseon Skellerang Captain
Tippys Surefoot Proprietor of Sure foot livery
Tyro Amberhelm Dwarven Messenger
Rivek Mol Proprietor of the Golden Hind Inn
Ruphus Clerical assistantant to Jenya
Vortimax Wizard & Alchemist

Rescued Cauldronites

Corystan Pike Former Adventurer
Deakon Stormshield Dwarven Child, Adopted by the VasaAd Clan.
Deven Myrzal Returned to his Job as a Lantern Lighter.
Evelyn Radavec Placed back into Gretchyn Tashykk‘s care.
Gryffon Malek Returned to find that his Bride (Imelie Deranti) to be has moved on.
Irruth Mercadi Tries to restart her Chandler Business. Wax, Soaps, Candles.
Jasper Drundlesput Prof. of Maths at the Bluewater Academy
Jeneer Everdawn Jeweler’s Apprentice at the Bluewater Academy
Krylscar Endercott Is now a Drunk at the Slippery Eel Tavern
Lucinda Aldreen Placed back into Gretchyn Tashykk‘s care.
Maple Last Seen working at the Docks at the center of town.
Sondor Ironfold Accepts a Place among the VasaAd to help rebuild.
Terrem Kharatys Placed back into Gretchyn Tashykk’s care.

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Notable NPC's

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