Slippery Eel Tavern

The Slippery Eel is a favourite tavern for the city’s miners, plantation workers, and other working-class citizens. The food and drink is cheap, (6cp per meal and 4cp per Mug of Ale) and the town guard tends to ignore the place, making it a handy site for illicit deals and clandestine meetings.


  • Wheat Porridge 1cp
  • Vegetable Stew 6cp
  • Boiled Leek 1cp
  • Stewed Cabbage, 1cp
  • Salted Sausage and Soft Cheese 5cp

  • Mug of Mead 1cp
  • Mug of Stout 3cp
  • Mug of Mead 2cp
  • Tankard of Ale 6cp
  • Tankard of Beer 3cp

Notable Locations

Slippery Eel Tavern

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