The Lucky Monkey Inn


A large, road-side inn located to the west of Cauldron, founded so that the travelers to and from the Barony of Lodier would have a safe place to stay,. The Lucky Monkey is a day’s ride from Cauldron, it is a very popular location for wayfarers and merchants to stay during their commutes.

The two level building is built from dark, durable wood. On the first floor, there are several large public rooms, as well as numerous cozy booths for private dinners. Several roaring fireplaces heat the spacious areas. A small stage to one side of the main hall is often used for music and other forms of entertainment. The second level consists mostly of bedrooms, and they range from large, communal bunk rooms to lavish private suites. The basement, accessible only through the kitchen, contains a wine cellar, a cold storage room, and a well. A large, enclosed stable building stands adjacent to the inn.

The roadhouse is run by the Marsh family, with Orin Marsh running the inn and his wife Tessa Marsh looking after the staff.

The roadhouse also houses a shrine to Hermes.

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The Lucky Monkey Inn

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