The Blade of the Raven Queen

Lokh Kif Rukh – The fuck you looking at?

Killing peoples pets is a bad thing.

The mid afternoon finds our heroes rested and ready to continue on the trail the two scouts are following.

The journey is relatively peaceful until Aldonis and Elrik‘s attention is drawn to the canopy above once again, only this time its as a result of the tops of the trees swaying and dipping as though something heavy had landed among the branches. Even as they begin to voice warning a thick scaly tail drops from the heavy foliage above and slaps the horse that Elrik is riding. The stinger at the end of it buries itself into the soft horseflesh and injects loads of poison. Elrik’s horse bucks and rears, throwing it’s rider before collapsing as it froths at the mouth.

Several people drop from their horses, Lucius even goes so far as to slap his in the ass to force it to run forwards. Sascha pulls her longbow and begins to fire arrows into the tail dangling before them. Fury fills her as the longbow creaks with the extra strain of her rage. Her arrows find their mark, sinking deeply into her target. Aldonis fires arrows into the vague shape in the trees as Jurgen pulls Hammer and Shield out, moving to engage.

Elrik picks himself up and also launches arrows. Sigfrith and Eevi sling spells. The two scouts ready their crossbows.

From behind them they hear the sound of wings, a slow dangerous hiss and a thump as another creature lands behind them. It quickly engages, moving forwards hunched and low to the ground. Its tail up and above the body, stinger ready to pierce the first unfortunate in its way. They recognize the creatures as Wyverns. Another horse falls to bite and stinger and Jurgen reverses course to engage the one at the back.

The Wyvern attempts to protect its kill but soon finds itself pressed by Jurgen, Sigfrith and Eevi. Rearing back it hops onto the corpse of the horse and, clasping it tightly, launches itself into the air, flying over the group towards the other Wyvern. It drops its cargo onto the path and drapes itself over it, tail waving threateningly. The other soon joins it, mouth open, hissing a warning for all to back off.

Sascha, still in the grip of her fury, charges and with a well placed blow from the Greatsword she took from the orc leader, critically injures one. Her second stroke lops the wyverns head clean off.

Eevi attempts to viciously mock the remaining one but finds that the spell doesn’t seem to affect it.

From beside her a huge humanoid steps through the trees. It resembles a large overweight human but at two and a third times the size. Big eyes widen and the large head turns to see one Wyvern dead and the other soon to join it. A look of horror crosses its face and it bellows something in the tongue of the giants bringing it’s club down among the group clustered together.

Eevi whispers Dissonant words in the giants direction and the giant flees, stomping through the trees.

Aldonis puts the second wyvern down even as the giant comes back, only to be sent running again by Eevi’s Dissonant Whispers.


The third time finds it bellowing and crying great big tears as it sees the two dead wyverns in the path. It’s club doesn’t find targets very often but The Iron Ravens don’t have that issue. It is quickly put down, its massive bulk falling and shaking the ground.

Collecting themselves and redistributing the gear that was being carried by the dead horses, the group quickly find coins and worthless items in the giants bag. Sigfrith cuts off one of the stingers. It is easily dagger sized.

Moving on the thicker jungle foliage is broken here and there with cleared spaces and a somewhat sloppy looking river. The river itself flows but seems to not have carved much of a channel. Varric Blackbolt and Moireach Ulfhræfn talk to each other in dwarven. They seem to be trying to figure out why their landmarks are different than what they remember.

More giants are found at the base of a cliff, the water comes from there, falling from above in a heavy waterfall. the two dwarven scouts tell the group that a month ago there was no waterfall and no river. Aldonis is sent forwards and using his stealth skills he finds a nice vantage point and simply observes the giants. He quickly deduces that there are three of them and returns to the group. Jurgen outlines a plan and everyone moves into position but before his plan can be put into action Lucius impatiently steps forwards from the trees and launches a scorching bolt starting the fight prematurely.

Aldonis stays hidden as spell and crossbow bolts cripple the first giant. Jurgen charges forwards and engages to hold the line. Sascha rages and charges to help, her Greatsword felling the first before engaging the second. The third giant emerges from the falling water and picks up a large rock, hurling it at the back line, slamming into Lucius.

Surprised and outnumbered the Huge Giants are swarmed and cut down. The last attempts to defend itself even as it scans the skies a look of forlorn hope on its face.

On the giants are coins and gems. Behind the waterfall is cave with a tunnel leading further in. Searching the camp they find another body, this one belonging to an Elf that suffered an ugly death at the hands of Giants. On the corpse they find a Superior Healing potion which is given to Sascha, a Shortsword which Eevi claims and a suit of Studded Leather which is offered to Sigfrith who accepts the armour upgrade.

With the sun setting and the caves leading to their destination secured The Iron Ravens decide to put up their tents and spread their bedrolls for a good night’s sleep. They post a watch throughout the night.

The following day plans are made. Varric and Moireach inform the group that they will explore the cause of the river’s deviation. They also agree to take the horses with them to bring them back to town safely. Aldonis gives Varric ten gold coins and receives Varric’s promise that he will do all he can to keep his horse, Bridge, safe.



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