The Blade of the Raven Queen

The Hive

When Asgard Fell.

Downtime: 10 days.
Aldonis “the Grey” Provides for the Poor in the lower Avenues of Cauldron, finds the Headband of Intellect is not Cursed.
Elrik Bjornsson Sells his Khitan Silk and Carouses. Awakening on the Shores of the Cauldron lake absolutely naked with drink in hand. Found by Aldonis and Sigfrith.
Eevi Ptolomy Unknown
Jurgen Frostbeard Spends Time in Tahn Buhldir and trains with them to become hardier and donates 1000 gp to the dwarven community.
Sascha Øksdóttir Joins the Gymnasium of Herakles and begins training as a runner. (Retrain feat to Mobility)
☠ Sigfrith Bakkerson ☠ Spends time helping Aldonis with the Poor.
lucius Gains a Patron Máti Vhalantru who gives hims several leads.

  • Máti Vhalantru tells Lucius that there are Halflings in town seeking aid with a Giant Bee Infestation. He also tells him that there seems to be a Giant in the norther passes that has set up shop and has been waylaying traveling merchants.
  • They learn that there is a Mercenary group called ‘The Tirades of the Raven’ is in town staying at the Drunken Centaur. These Argosseans are heading down south to a town called Trunau, hired to help deal with an Orc Problem on the rough borders between Ophir and Corinthia.

Traveling to Lindley (2 days) with the two halflings Alexus and Allan Oakpad, they are well received as the sun begins it’s downward slide. Gathering some small info and subtly snubbing the town mayor’s (Appletop) offer of rest and refreshment they head straight to the bridge that has the infestation. It is a large 100ft long, 20ft wide bridge that crosses over a 40ft deep chasm.

  • Much talk about what to do
  • Sigfrith lights up with an idea and asks that he be allowed to speak with the bee on guard
  • he is attacked and during the fight ‘Trespasser!’ (the group joins in) 5 more bees come from the hive
  • Sigfrith, undaunted, tries again but this time manages to secure entrance (nat 20, wth)
  • managing to confuzzle the bees he makes it all the way to the queen where his honeyed words seem to fail to make an impression. sensing imminent danger he retreats.
  • ‘Intruder!’ The bees attack! Sigfrith wild shapes into a tiny spider and escapes through a crack in the bridge floor.
  • There’s a fight at the entrance, Things go well, Sascha charges into the hive raging, the queen starts to escape, the group manages to bring her down, Sigfrith is swarmed and STUNG TO DEATH. ☠

End part 1.



The Hive

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