The Blade of the Raven Queen

The White Hart

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  • The players spend 2 days collecting Giant Bee Honey and Wax, lading their two wagons almost to capacity.
  • Jurgen Frostbeard buys out the Sunnygrass Nook’s alcohol supply and the Nordheimer’s (Elrik, Sascha and Jurgen) begin to drink to the departed Sigfrith almost immediately.
  • lucius Invests in the local winery when he leaves them enough honey to brew a season or two worth of Mead for a percentage of the profits and control of the distribution.
  • Aldonis watches and partakes a little of the alcohol and helps with the Honey and Wax. He and Elrik also overhear that a little firther south there are farms experiencing troubles. People missing and dead Pigs coming back to a horrid semblance of life.
  • Eevi Joins the Northlings and is taught some Norheimer songs.
  • Elrik casts Speak with Dead to see if Sigfrith wishes to be Raised back to life but finds that he does not. He then casts Gentle Repose on the body.

When they have all that they wish to take with them, they thank the inhabitants of Lindley and head back towards Cauldron. Near the end of the first day they, only a couple hours out from The Lucky Monkey Inn, they see a Wondrous White Hart burst from the trees. It is injured and before it disappears across the road they are using it stops to stare at them intently. From behind it a sounder of Boars come crashing out. Aldonis is the first to react, an arrow notched and ready he injures the nearest Giant Boar while calling out to his allies to “watch the trees!”. Sascha, remembering what Aldonis had told the group the last time they had encountered wild boars, turns to face the trees. Surprisingly the other boars don’t stop as they continue intent on catching the Hart they seem to be chasing. Lucius drops a ball of fire in their midst and all the smaller boars are instantly killed. Three of the Giant boars continue and crash after the Wild Hart. The other is quickly taken down.

Eevi is struck with a crossbow bolt from the trees near her. She retaliates with a well placed Shatter spell. Sascha springs into action charging across the road and into the trees, she sprints through till she finds her target. It is a Humanoid Boar creature!

  • A Cave Bear is summoned
  • Aldonis takes a lot of Bear Inflicted damage and retreats to a safe distance.
  • Eevi casts Dissonant Whispers and the bear flees towards Aldonis.
  • The Were-Boar finds itself quickly outmatched.
  • The Bear attacks Aldonis!
  • Jurgen (after dealing with a Giant boar that had lingered) charges the bear and kills it. Giving Aldonis a quick pep talk.
  • The Lycanthrope decides that this day is lost and breaks a charm tied around it’s neck, popping out of sight and disappears completely.

Recovering the group continues on and at the end of the first day spend some time at The Lucky Monkey Inn. They trade away the location of the Boar carcasses to the new owners and tuck in for the night. The drinking continues.

The next day finds them almost to cauldron when they encounter a pair of travelers who recount how their party of 8 was waylaid by the giant in the mountain pass. Pleasantries are exchanged and then finally they arrive at Cauldron.

  • Lucius delivers some wax, honey and the wagons/workers to his Patron Vhalantru and finds out there are slaves going missing in the plantations on the east side of the mountain..
  • The group go to the The Cathedral of Hades and inquire about them being able to handle the burial rights. For a fee they agree.
  • Jurgen, Sascha, Elrik buy out the Drunken Centaur Inn and begin truly bringing honour to their departed friend. (At the end of seven days Jurgen awakens beside a truly horrendous human female (who knew human women had beards too?), Elrik buys a truly ugly Doublet and Sascha finds that at some point within the last day or so she was sick all over herself and didn’t really notice)
  • Eevi hires a shifty human named Artus Shemwick for the The Iron Ravens Investigative agency and hires a Surly, speaks his mind Dwarf named Oghren as a caretaker for the Shop/warehouse.
  • Aldonis continues to seek information on the Last Laugh guild and is approached by a female bearing the jester paint of half black half white. She and he bluster a little as they warn each other off. He recognizes that he has seen her when he first met the group.



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