Elrik Bjornsson

Cleric of Freya - Vanir [Nordheimer]


Tall broad man with Red hair, clad in Vanaheim mail wielding Shield and mace.


Elrik was raised solely by his father Bjorn, who would say little about Elrik’s mother other than the fact that she was a great warrior and that she wasn’t dead but had to leave. Elrik at the age of 13 became a sailor and traveled the coasts, after three years of travel he entered into the priesthood of Freyja, as it felt like the right thing to do. After his training he sailed once more before taking up adventuring.

In Cauldron Elrik has become a known drunk and gambler after a 30 day bender that he is kind of embarrassed about. It seems that his friends have become more skill in the days that he missed. He partakes in strong drink when ever he can, noting that his sailor ways remain even after his change of carrier. As such he know in many bars in the city. The time of without pressing need was spend on a bender, He awoke Skyclad in the poor section of town. dispite the warnings of the party, Sigfrith tried to talk to the bees. Alas that didn’t work out as some bad luck insured that the bees were able to over come him. Elrik still feels rather bad about it, but at least Sigfrith died in battle. He wasn’t a bad person, thus Elrik marked he passing with a epic drinking vigil. At some point during this Elrik bought a Rhinestone royal blue velvet Doublet. The thing is scary. Why someone would even craft it baffles the mind.

Elrik’s Stored Loot

Hungover Elrik and Jurgen when to see the Dwarves about Dwarven crafted plate armour for Elric and that he had heard of a Blue treatment that would pervent rust, so he had them add that as well to the commmision, it will be a while before it is done but it will be impressive. The cobalt Blue finish pleases Elrik.

Magic Item – Periapt of Wound Closure
Magic Item – Holy Mace
Magic Item – Bag of Beans

Elrik Bjornsson

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