Sigfrith Bakkerson

A wizened, elderly mystic from the North


Human Level 6: Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 3 / Druid 2
XP 14,870

Str 8 -1 (rolled 7)
Dex 13 +1 (rolled 12)
Con 16 +3 (rolled 15)
Int 14 +2 (rolled 13)
Wis 14 +2 (rolled 13)
Chr 16 +3 (rolled 15)


36 (at 31)
Death ST:

Hit Dice 3d6 / 2d8
used: 0 / 0

Bonus: + 3
Skills: Arcana (Int: + 5), Deception (Cha: + 6), History (Int: + 5), Persuasion (Cha: + 6)
Saving Throws: Constitution (+ 6), Charisma (+ 6)
Weapons: daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaff, light crossbow
Armour: Lt. armour, med. armour, shield (all non-metal)

Ophirean, Nordheimer, Brythunian, Aquilonian, Druidic

Sorcerer Spell save DC = 8 + prof bonus (3) + Cha mod (3) = 14
Sorcerer Spell attack mod = prof bonus (3) + Cha mod (3) + 1 (Wand of War Mage, ignore half cover)= +7

Druid Spell save DC = 8 + prof bonus (3) + Wis mod (2) = 13
Druid Spell attack mod = prof bonus (3) + Wis mod (2) = +5
Ritual Casting
Wild Shape (pg 66)
Druid Circle: Circle of the Land (Mountain pg 68)
Natural Recovery: regain spell slot levels up to 1/2 Druid level (round up), 1x per long rest (pg 68)

Quarterstaff / walking staff
Component pouch
Explorer’s Pack
Two daggers
Mariner’s Armour (swim speed reg. speed; if fall below 0 HP underwater, rise 60’ / round; studded armour, studs are pearls)

Vial of black ink
Letter from a dead colleague posing a question not yet able to answer (in spite of his advanced age and experiences)
Common clothes

1 year membership at Blue Water Academy
200 sp / mo. re: modest lifestyle
Magic Item – Wand of the Warmage +1 (bonus to attack rolls, ignores half cover)
Mark of Athena
Very fine cane from Corystan Pike
2 bottles of fine wine
Bag of Beans
Magic Item – Mariner’s Armour
Wyvern stinger

210 CP
175 SP
1 EP
236 GP
10 PP
1 gem @ 50 GP
600 CP
1,100 SP
400 GP

Wild Magic (pg 103)
Researcher (pg 138)
Font of Magic (Sorcery points = lvl, can create spell slots or power metamagic; pg 101)
Wild Magic Surge (pg 103)
Tides of Chaos (Advantage, pg 103)
Inspiring Leader (lvl 5 +CHA mod 3 = 8 temp HP, pg 167)

Metamagics: (pg 102)
Extended Spell, Twinned Spell

Spells: (Sorcerer spells >= lvl 1 known: 4 pg 100)
Cantrips (4 known):
Chill Touch (pg 221),
Blade Ward (pg 218),
Light (pg 255),
Minor Illusion (pg 260)

Druidcraft (pg 236)
Guidance (pg 248)
Shillelagh (pg 275)

Lvl 1 (Multiclass, 4 spell slots):
Detect Magic (pg 231),
Disguise Self (pg 233),
Witch Bolt (pg 289)

Cure Wounds (pg 230)
Goodberry (pg 246)
Speak w/ Animals (pg 277)

Lvl 2 (Multiclass, 3 spell slots):
used: III
Crown of Madness (pg 229)

Pass Without Trace (pg 264)

Lvl 3 (Multiclass: 2 spell slots):
used: II


From the realm of Asgard, this elderly sage has wandered far and seen much. He has been posed a question and has it recorded on paper. Researching it has led him further south into the mainland than what many of his clanmates have travelled.

During his time as a youth, his began to display odd mystical powers, fairly unpredictable. He often gazed towards the stars in wonderment, prompting him to learn how to read them and recognise where he was. Over time, his experiences have shown that the stars also somehow match up with earth shattering events: a change in a leader’s health, the weather, how crops would fare, and the like.

Discussing with the clan shaman, he began to learn how to control his powers. The shaman also taught Sigfrith the clan’s history and the tales of creations, and how to read other signs.

Personality Traits:
I am used to helping out those who aren’t as smart as I am, and I patiently explain anything and everything to others. Those whippersnappers who don’t know nothing these days….

Power: Knowledge is the path to power and domination.

I work to preserve a library, university, scriptorium, or monastery. Mostly because it’s a nice, quiet place where I can nap undisturbed.

I am easily distracted by the promise of information. And naps.

Sigfrith Bakkerson

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