Falio and Felian Shard

Half-Elven Striders of Hermes


At 20 years old these two have managed to hit the genetic jackpot. Crisp blue eyes, silky blonde hair and a dazzling smile gets them just about anywhere they want to go. The only indication of their fey ancestry being their elvish ears and supernaturally graceful bearing.


These twin half-elves work for the Striders of Hermes. When The Iron Ravens first got wind of them they were also investigating the mysterious abductions that had begun to plague Cauldron.

They were not to meet face to face with the group until they accompanied Shensen Tesseril and Elrik Bjornsson down to the ancient twisted ruins deep within the dormant volcano. The pair remained quiet as Shensen did most of the talking. They on the other hand did most of the tracking and scouting.

Relatively young and just starting in the organization, they none-the-less were able to follow and keep tabs on the Ravens without being noticed. They are highly competitive with each other and sometimes they let their ambitious natures get the better of them as they constantly strive to one-up the other.

Falio and Felian Shard

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