Aldonis "the Grey"

Ophirean - Young Street Urchin


Aldonis “the Grey” (Level 6 Rogue Thief)

STR – 9
DEX – 20
CON – 10
INT – 14 (19)
WIS – 11
CHR – 11

HP : 33

Proficiencies :
Sleight of Hand
Thieves’ Tools

Languages :
Thieves’ Cant
“Set’s Godless Tongue”

Expertise (Investigation, Perception, Stealth & Thieves’ Tools)
Sneak Attack
Dungeon Delver
Cunning Action
Fast Hands
Second-Story Work
Moderately Armored
Uncanny Dodge

Exotic Items
Gear – Dagger of the Dark Elves
Gear – Masterwork Studded Leather
Magic Item – Ring of the Blue Waters
Stone of Goodluck (Luckstone) : (Attuned)
Headband of Intellect : (Not Attuned)
Ten (10) Arrows (+1)



Age : 15
Height : 5’ 4"
Weight : 170 lbs
Eyes : Grey
Hair : Brown

Personality Traits
“I like to squeeze into small places”
“I sleep with my back to a tree, and with everything I own in a bundle in my arms”

“I help people who help me”

“Cauldron’s streets are my home. I will fight to defend it”

“If outnumbered, I will run away from the fight”

The only thing I have of my past, is a tiny silver icon of a raven, worn and kept shiny from being my luck charm.

A young street urchin, born in the city of Cauldron, or so he believes, and raised in the alleys and among the rats of the sewers, Aldonis never knew more of his past. All his life, he has tried to stay small and move unnoticed among the denizens of his home town, for he knows that showing interest in something or having something of value will only make others want what you have. And he is well aware only his great dexterity and his ability to out-smart most street thugs, has kept him alive and independent to this day.

He has, however, fallen in with a group of disparate outlanders, and finds himself drawn into their web, because the food was good, and the beds of the Temple of Athena were dry and warm. Though that dwarf… he’s really starting to chafe his belt pouch…

In the months since, Aldonis has discovered the wonders of money. Good food, a sheltered life where one does not have to clutch their belongings to themselves to ensure their safety (though it’s still only prudent), and where he can, perhaps for the first time ever, consider someone else to be his family. While wealth can be wonderful, success can test one’s mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.

He has a light riding horse named “Bridge” that he dotes on, and seems to spend as much time with as the rest of the party.

Long-range goals include learning this wonderful masterwork lute Plink-Pling, and finding a Magic Bow. Possibly ruining the dwarf’s plate mail for his insults and uncaring attitude for what Aldonis cares about, I mean really, everything the dwarf does seems bent towards insulting him. Future feats include Skulker and Sharpshooter (probably the latter first).

During the coming downtime he intends to do research on the Headband of Intellect, to determine if its cursed or not, before attuning to it. He also intends to invest in some alchemical fire and a few other similar toys. And spend more time feeding the people he spent time with in the gutters, with spare coin.

Aldonis "the Grey"

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