Sascha Øksdóttir

Vanir Human Entertainer


AC: 18 Half-Plate +1 + DEX
AC: 20 Half-Plate +1 + DEX + Shield

Height: 6’
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Long and Red
Eyes: Grey

Equipment: Explorer’s Pack (Which Includes A Backpack, Crowbar, Hammer, 10 Pitons, 10 Torches, Tinderbox, 10 days rations, Waterskin, Also has 50ft of hempen rope), Trinket from an Admirer, Several Fine Quality Dresses, Costume, Traveling Clothes, Flute, Quiver, Silvered Two Handed Sword (150gp) Wolf Mask (well made, Treated Ceramic), Wolf skin Cloak. Shield. Malachite Half-Plate.

Greater Healing
Oil of Sharpness

  • Bastard Sword +8 to hit, +5 Damage or +7 Rage
  • Khitan Greatsword +8 to Hit, +5 Damage or +7 Rage
  • Handaxe (2) +7 to Hit, +4 Damage or +6 Rage
  • Longbow +7 to Hit, +4 Damage
    • 40 Arrows

Animals: Draft Horse w/Saddle, Bit, Bridle and Saddlebags (76gp)

Speaks: Nordheimer, Dwarf, Aquilonian, Ophirean, Brythunian, Thieves Cant

  • Rage (When not wearing heavy armour) 3/Long Rest
    • Can enter Rage as a Bonus action
    • Advantage on Strength checks and Saving throws
    • Bonus Damage that increases with level (+2)
    • Resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage
  • Unarmoured Defence
    • When not wearing any armour, AC is 10 + DEX + CON. A shield can be used.
  • Reckless Attacks
    • When making first attack may do so recklessly gaining advantage on all attacks that round. Enemies have advantage attacking Sasha.
  • Danger Sense
    • Advantage on Dex saves vs effects she can see such as traps and spells. To benefit she can’t be blinded, deafened or incapacitated.
  • Fast Movement
    • Sascha’s Movement is 50ft
  • Extra Attack
    • May make two attacks per Attack Action.
  • Primal Path – Totem Warrior – Stonetusk
    • Cast Beast Sense and Speak with Animals as Rituals
    • (Bear) – While Raging Sascha has resistance to all damage except Psychic.
  • Expertise – Perception, Survival
  • Sneak Attack +1d6
  • Sascha can take a bonus action on each of her turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Perception +8
Survival + 8
Acrobatics +7
Performance +6
Stealth +7
Tools – Flute +3

  • Mobile: You are exceptionally speedy and agile. You gain the following benefits:
    • Your speed increases by 10 feet.
    • When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn’t cost you extra movement on that turn.
    • When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not.

1 With language similarities she can also communicate in Argossean, Corinthian, Kothic, Nemedian.


Sascha learned to Entertain at a young age, learning the old tales from her grandmother, dancing from her mother and the flute and voice from her father. She was a happy child and knew no real hardships till the age of 14. Sorcha’s first kill was at the age of 14. She remembers clearly the shattered summer afternoon when a raiding band of Æsir had come. Many died that day, her grandmother and father among them, and though she survived, it altered the course of her life. Travelling with her father’s Greataxe, she left her native Vanaheim and has been on the road seeking closure with the man that led the raid against her kin. She learned that he left Asgard and was last known to be travelling south towards warmer climes.

Born on the 20th of Ascensium during a Red Veiled Moon, Sascha was marked for a life of bloodshed and violence. Her father was a Skald, her mother a Völva. She was the 2nd born of 4. She has an Older brother, a Twin and a younger sister.

Background: Entertainer – Expertise: Dancer, Singer, Storyteller.

  • By Popular Demand: Sascha can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern but possibly with a circus, theatre or even at court. In exchange she can expect free lodging and food of a modest or comfortable standard as long as she can perform each night. When recognized in a town she has performed in, people typically take a liking to her.

Personality – Quiet and Prepossessing
Ideal – Tradition, the Past teaches us who we are.
Bond – All Æsir are scum and not to be trusted.
Flaw – Sascha is a sucker for a pretty face.

Having met and befriended Eevi Ptolomy, she has joined the group of disparate strangers on a mission given by Jenya Urikas to find the missing children from the Lantern Street Orphanage. It helps to pass the time and could prove to make an interesting story.

She dislikes associating with Sigfrith Bakkerson, but has thus far found no reason to take it any further.

Sigfrith’s recent fiery explosion, which took Lucius’ life, may have given her a reason to take exception to his presence.

Having spent much time with, and even moving in with them, Sascha has come to trust and like her new found allies. She finds Jurgen to be honourable and trustworthy and thinks of Aldonis as a little brother.

With the return of Kharden’s son, Zenith, Sascha is taking the time to learn from Aldonis the ways of the Rogue.

Sascha Øksdóttir

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