Zenith Splintershield

Fallen dwarven Champion


A dwarven defender, and the youngest son of Kharden Splintershield.

Zenith came to Cauldron many years ago when he was appointed Warden of the Malachite Hold. Known for his honour and unswerving devotion to his people, He swore to defend Tahn Buhldir’s inhabitants against incursions from the Underdark.

Two decades ago, Zenith grew more and more brooding as he would stare into the darkness beyond the holds gate, muttering about the “Eye in the Darkness”. Gathering all but a skeleton shift to guard the Hold Zenith led his men into the dark. Those who followed him mistook his burning intensity for righteous zeal and cheered as he launched his crusade into the depths. He was not to return and eventually only his statue stood guard in the Malachite Fortress.

Or so it seemed.

Recently, The Iron Ravens were asked by Kharden to rescue Zenith from a dark temple in the Underdark, so that father and son could be reconciled before Kharden passed away. Upon arriving in the temple of Bhal-Hamatugn, the party discovered that Zenith had gone insane, and was revered by the kuo-toa as some sort of prophet. For the last twenty or so years Zenith had been making prophesies for those who had taken him in.

Zenith Splintershield

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