Major Geographical Features of Zingara

Zingara is a fertile land. Two great rivers, the Thunder and the Black, flow through it, although Argos claims the mouth of the Thunder River. Much of Zingara borders the ocean and it has many major ports, the Largest being the Capitol, Kordava. Mountains rich in tin and great forests separate Zingara from Argos, part of which is ghoul haunted. The Alimane River provides a border with Zamora. The Zingg valley is the dominant interior feature and lies between the Black and Thunder River it is also the birthplace of Zingara, where the first settlers came and claimed the lands. The interior of the kingdom is basically fertile, perfect for growing sugar cane and vineyards.

Off the coast of Zingara, to the south-west, are the Barachan Islands, the Trallibes, and at least one other island. On most maps only the Barachans are shown.

Black River – The Black River has a swift current, yet is quite deep and rather wide, carrying a large volume of water. The river’s source is somewhere in the mountains of the Untamed. It then flows southward through Argos, and eventually curves to the West as it flows into Zingara on its course to the open sea. The Zingaran capital of Kordava sits at its mouth where it empties into the sea.

Forest of Ghouls – This dark forest in northern Zingara is on the border of Argos in the foot hills of the Rabirian Mountains. These woods are uninhabited because of the ghouls, eaters of human flesh, the children of unholy mating with demons of the underworld by a lost and forgotten race. Somewhere in these primitive woods is an ancient, accursed city where the ghouls live.

Rabirian Mountains – This mountain range in Southern Argos forms a border between Argos and Zingara. These serrated peaks have forested crests and are broken by the Saxula pass, ‘a deep cleft in the central ridge, as if made by a blow from an axe in the hands of an angry god’. The foothills of the Rabirian Mountains are rocky and are the home of several villages. These mountains are full of precious ores and are extensively

Thunder River – This is another important river and is a point of contention with Zingara, who covets it so it can have a port at its mouth. It was named the Thunder River for the long stretches of white-water rapids in northern Zingara as it bends to the east and towards the sea. The Argossean port city of Napolitos sits at its mouth.

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Major Geographical Features of Zingara

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